Datatable Memory Usage

 Hi everyone,

 I'm having a memory issue with my Datatables (as my host says). Here is what i'm doing:

 I'm loading 2 datatables, each has something like 800 records, I loop through my datatables to do some operations on the page, this only happens on page load. I'm on a shared hosting plan and my host emailed me

"this can drive this memory utilization. Or, high memory utilization can be due to memory intensive coding (returning and manipulating large datasets from a database) or due to a memory leak… components which acquire memory for a particular task, and don't release it properly when the task is completed."

I'm using my datatables to create a string of javascript that then adds the data to a Virtual Earth map.

 I read a little bit more about datatables and I found out that Dispose() won't actually do anything. Does anyone have any idea what I should do to fix this? I set the datatables = null and I'm hoping GC will get rid of them faster that way. Would output caching help in this situation?


Thank you!




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