Jan 4th Links: ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Visual Studio, IIS7

Here is the latest in my link-listing series.  Also check out my ASP.NET Tips, Tricks and Tutorials page for links to popular articles I’ve done myself in the past.


  • BlogEngine.NET 1.3 Released: Mads Kristensen blogs about the new release of BlogEngine.NET.  This excellent ASP.NET open source blog engine keeps getting richer and richer.

  • Web Hosters Offering ASP.NET 3.5: Brad Abrams has a nice post that lists some great web hosting providers that are already offering ASP.NET and .NET 3.5 offerings.


  • Using the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions History Support: Dino Esposito has a nice article that demonstrates how you can use the new "EnableHistory" feature on the <asp:scriptmanager> control to add named history points to the browser.  This enables browser forward/back button integration with ASP.NET AJAX applications.  Also read David Barkol’s post about this feature here.

  • ASP.NET AJAX History How Do I Video: To learn more about the new ASP.NET AJAX history support, watch this great 15 minute video from Bertrand Le Roy of the ASP.NET team.  He demonstrates how to AJAX enable an <asp:wizard> control, and then add history marker points to it.

  • Script# Update: Nikhil Kothari recently posted an update to his awesome Script# framework, which allows you to compile C# into JavaScript.  Included within this update are project and file templates for VS 2008.  You can learn more about Script# here.


  • Using ASP.NET MVC from Visual Web Developer Express 2008: Jason Whitehorn has published a nice project template that enables you to use the ASP.NET MVC framework with a web-site project in Visual Web Developer Express 2008.  We’ll be adding both class library and web application project support to Visual Web Developer Express 2008 SP1 later this year – which will enable you to optionally use the MVC web application project templates with the free VWD Express as well.

  • Accessing Server Controls from CodeBehind with ASP.NET MVC Views: David Hayden has a good post that discusses a workaround for a bug with the current ASP.NET MVC CTP view templates – which prevents you from coding against server controls in view template code behind classes.  You can right-click on the MVC view files and select "Convert to Web Application" to fix it.  Alternatively, you can download updated MVC Templates that Troy Goode recently posted here.  This issue will be fixed with the next MVC update.

Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Training Kit: Microsoft recently shipped a free training kit that you can download that contains tons of excellent material that will help you learn the new features of VS 2008 and .NET 3.5.  Mike Ormond has a nice blog post that discusses it here.

  • Spell Checker Update 2.1: The web tools team has a bug fix and feature addition update to the free spell checking download you can use with VS 2005 and VS 2008.  You can also learn more about the spell checker features here.

IIS 7.0

  • IIS Manager Module to Scan for Assemblies Built in Debug Mode: Vijay from the IIS team has a nice post that shows off how he used the IIS7 admin tool extensibility to build a module that automatically scans deployed applications looking for assemblies that have been accidentally deployed in debug mode.

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