Answers to a few VS 2008 Trial Edition, TFS 2008, and SourceSafe Questions

Below are some answers to a couple of questions about the recent VS 2008 release that I’ve seen the last few days:

When will the trial edition of VS 2008 Professional be available for download?

We shipped a free trial edition of VS 2008 Team Suite on the web last week.  You can download it here.  We are hoping to publish the free trial edition of VS 2008 Professional on the web later this week.  Both can be used for free for 90 days after you install them.  If you aren’t a MSDN subscriber and want to get VS 2008 immediately this is a good way to get started.

Can you convert a trial edition installation of VS 2008 to a purchased edition, or do you need to reinstall it?

Commercial versions of VS 2008 ship with a PID product key.  You can upgrade a VS 2008 trial edition install to use this PID without needing to reinstall VS 2008.  You can do this in one of two ways:

1) Pull up VS Setup from the add/remove programs tool in Windows.  Enter the PID of the license you purchased and your upgrade is complete (no DVD or separate setup required).

2) Launch setup from the DVD you purchased.  If it is the same version of the VS trial edition, there is an option with it to enter the full PID to upgrade the trial edition.

Where can you find a standalone VS 2008 Team Explorer installer?

VS 2008 Team Explorer can be used as a standalone rich client for accessing VS 2008 Team Foundation Server.  You can download a copy here.

Can you use VS 2008 with TFS 2005?  Can you use VS 2005 against TFS 2008?

Yes – you can use VS 2008 clients against Team Foundation Server 2005.  Likewise, you can use VS 2005 clients against Team Foundation Server 2008.  You can download a 90 day free trial edition of TFS 2008 here.

If you are using TFS today (or thinking about it in the future) you should also make sure you are subscribed to Brian Harry’s excellent blog here.  Make sure to check out his blog post covering TFS 2008 features, as well as his blog post covering TFS 2008 Installation Questions.

What is the status of using Visual SourceSafe with VS 2008?

We are working on an update for Visual SourceSafe 2005 to make it work with VS 2008.  We had originally planned to have it available last week, but found a last minute bug that has delayed it a few weeks.  We are now planning to make it available in a few weeks.  Brian Harry has more details on this in his blog post here.

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